1. Please check the Schedule of Quantities for assumptions pertaining to the design and use of the products. Please advise if these assumptions are not appropriate so that the quotation can be adjusted.
  2. Trusses are not designed to support fall arrest devices (or similar systems) unless the design specifically allows for such (which will be specifically noted).
  3. The client is responsible for the dimensions on all drawings, including on-site dimensions, and for associated specifications. The client must inform the supplier of all changes (on-site or not) before manufacturing commences. Site measure or engineering certificates may incur an extra fee.
  4. 2.5% surcharge on credit card transactions.
  5. The supplier reserves the right to amend the quote should there be any changes to any item on which the quote is based.
  6. Engineering & sufficient plans must be supplied prior to final quotation.
  7. This quote is subject to general terms and conditions available on our website at AG Trusses or can be emailed to you upon request.
  8. AG Trusses will accept no back-charges or liquidated damages.
  9. AG Trusses will take no responsibility for any ancillary shortfall.
  10. It is the responsibility of the builder to ensure all quantities are correct and reflect site requirements.
  11. AG Trusses will take no responsibility for discrepancies between plans and site works.
  12. All crane work will be supplied by the builder.
  13. Quotation is valid for 30 days.
  14. Goods must be inspected upon delivery, AG Trusses must be notified of any discrepancies as soon as delivery is made.
  15. There must be sufficient room for the delivery of goods, all deliveries are to the discretion of the driver.
  16. Products will always be offloaded onto the ground on site at the discretion and safety requirements of the driver.
  17. In the event of a cancellation, the client will be required to pay for all expenses incurred by AG Trusses.
  18. By accepting our quotation, you agree to abide by all terms and conditions stated above.
  19. This supersedes all previous quotations.
  20. All designs made by AG Trusses are copyright and property of AG Trusses.
  21. By signing, you indemnify AG Trusses as a supplier of all deliveries, site works & site measures.
  22. All products remain the property of AG Trusses until all/final payments are made.

Payment Terms / Cash Sales

  1. 10% payment on acceptance of quote.
  2. 50% payment prior to manufacture.
  3. 40% payment prior to materials leaving our yard (cheques require 3 days clearance).